Ladies for Liberty Donation Wish List

Slidell Ladies for Liberty


Care Packages Wish List

Slidell Ladies for Liberty sends monthly packages to Slidell originated deployed military.


Personal Care Suggested Items:

  1. Baby Wipes in soft packs
  2. Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
  3. Razors
  4. Deodorant
  5. Lotion
  6. Soap
  7. Sunscreen
  8. Lip Balm
  9. Eye Drops
  10. Shampoo
  11. Small flash Lights
  12. Q-Tips
  13. Socks
  14. Batteries AA & AAA
  15. Travel size games or cards
  16. Pens and writing pads
  17. Extra Long Twin Sheet sets
  18. Throw Blankets


     Snacks and Food Suggested Items:

  1. Protein Bars
  2. Beef or Turkey Jerky
  3. Peanut Butter
  4. Snack Crackers
  5. Individual size packs of Cookies or Snack Cakes
  6. Tuna
  7. Powder Drink Mixes
  8. Trail Mix or Nuts
  9. Individual small boxes of Cereal
  10. Pop Tarts
  11. Rice Krispy Treats
  12. Fruit or Pudding cups (non-refridgerated)


LIKE us on Facebook and check our website for packing dates, soldier thank you letters and a full list of suggested donations.


     We appreciate your support and donation for our troops.