Are you ready to join Slidell’s only all female krewe?!

We would love to have you! We get together throughout the year for social events and community outreaches. Check out our calendar here.

Applicants must:

  • agree to adhere to the Krewe’s rules (see below) and government ordinances
  • be at least 21 years of age or older

Applicants must submit a minimum deposit of $160 with the application, or pay fee in full of $480. DUES INCLUDE parade day smock and 2 tickets to the Coronation Ball.


Applications for the 2019-2020 membership year may be completed online or print a PDF copy to mail or bring to a membership meeting.

Application and payment submission are seperate, see below.

Applications may be printed and brought to any general membership meeting with personal check for deposit or click below to pay online.



Applications are complete once a first installment payment has been made of $160.00. Payments can be made with personal check for deposit or click to pay online. By paying with a credit card, you are paying a credit card fee of $5 with each payment/swipe. Payments are made via PayPal, you do not have to have a PayPal account.

Membership 2019-2020


  1. NO DRINKING of alcohol on floats or at the area of float loading. If you will be drinking other beverages, please use plastic cups or containers (preferably with a lid).  This is a City Ordinance!  The Slidell Police Department can issue a citation ($125 fine) and can remove you from the float.  Cans and glass containers are NOT permitted.  They can cause injury if thrown from the float.
  2. NO SMOKING on floats.  Remember floats are filled with trash and are made of wood, paper, cloth and paint, which are highly flammable.
  3. NO boxes are permitted on the float. Put your throws in crawfish sacks, old pillowcases duffle bags; garbage bags; nylon, burlap, or cotton bags; onion or potato sacks, etc. (anything collapsible).  Don’t overload one bag.  Remember, whatever you bring onto the float, you must take off.
  4. No hammers and no nails. Screws can be used to hang your beads.
  5. Use CAUTION when throwing anything, especially spears and heavy beads, from the float. Those items should be handed to the person.  We do not want to injure anyone.
  6. Do NOT throw questionable throws from the float. Remember the crowd is filled with children.  Please use discretion and hand personal throws to whomever they are intended.
  7. Only members are allowed on the float! Our insurance does not cover others that are not members.  Please be considerate of others who are loading.
  8. Do NOT use foul language or confront any parade watcher. If you have a problem, tell your float lieutenant and she will contact a police officer or parade Marshall on the route.
  9. Remember, your costume and hat must be worn at all times. Wear your own pants and your float T-shirt if you have one.  If cold, consider wearing a sweatshirt underneath the costume.
  10. Bring a clear poncho to put over your costume in case of rain.
  11. Bring a flashlight (a cheap disposable kind would be the best).
  12. Be courteous to the person next to you on the float and allow each other throw space. Do NOT block the exit door, ladder, or bathroom area with throws or anything else.
  13. Make arrangements to ride with or have someone pick you up after the parade, which ends at Rouse’s Supermarket off of Gause Boulevard.
  14. The Krewe is NOT responsible for any personal items left behind on the floats.
  15. One disc jockey (DJ) per float. DJ’s are not allowed to throw anything from the float or be in any type of a costume.
  16. REMEMBER!!!  The parade crowd is made up of our member’s families and friends.  They should be given the same respect that you would want to be given to yours.

We are a FIRST CLASS PARADE.  Make a lasting impression on what we want parade watchers to remember.  We are known for a quality parade and our generosity with throws.


We are currently taking applications for the next Royal Court.

  • Duke – Our King is chosen from current Dukes
  • Maid – ages 16-20
  • Lady In Waiting – ages 11-15
  • Page – ages 8-10

Click here for more information on the Royal Court positions, applications and fees.