Welcome to the 2018-2019 Mardi Gras Season

A Message From Our President…

Our first general membership meeting was a huge success!

We look forward to an upcoming fun and active carnival season. Our events throughout the year are organized for all our members so please participate and bring a friend when you can. Getting the word out about our Krewe is the best approach in continuous growth. Let’s make our 21st year a success!

Welcome again to all of our new Chairwoman! Keeping the ideas on socials and fundraisers fun and fresh is necessary and we know our new group of Chairwomen will help enable our Officers to ensure we continue to accomplish this throughout the upcoming carnival season.

Our Chairwomen are hand selected by our current Officers so if you are considering the desire to participate as a Chairwomen with the Krewe of Selene in coming carnival years, please be sure to let one of our current Officers know. Each year, all who are interested will be considered. Current Chairwomen were selected based on their participation and their expressing a desire in wanting to help.

The current Officers were voted onto the Board for the Krewe of Selene by the Board of Directors. Each carnival season a vote is taken to fill any open Officer positions. Thankfully we did not lose any Officers at the end of last carnival season except one Ex-Officio Officer who decided to retire after 20 years of commitment to the Krewe. That position is not being refilled at this time.

If anyone has any questions on anything regarding the Krewe’s election of Officers or Chairwomen, please do not hesitate to speak to a current Officer. We are happy to answer any questions anyone may have.

Angela Fayard

~Angela Fayard, Presdient


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