Coronation Ball

Coronation Guest Form

2017-2018 Coronation Ball Information

Our Coronation Ball will be on December 9, 2017 at the New Orleans Hilton Riverside.  Click on this link in order to make your reservations  now 49069821   Doors open at 6:30 p.m.  Music will be provided by Mixed Nuts.  Remember the coronation is BYOB, with set ups provided.  Only small, collapsible ice chests will be permitted. 

 As in previous years, we will still enforce the following rule: 

  • All monies owed to the Krewe of Selene must be paid, in full, by November 16th in order to attend the Coronation Ball.  There will be no exceptions and we will be taking money during coronation weekend.

Your dues include you and your escort’s admission to the ball.  Each member that will be attending the coronation must return the mailed out postcard, with the name of your escort, to the P.O.Box before November 6, 2017.  Seats will be reserved for only those members indicating they will attend.  When you return the reservation card, stating you will attend and then you do not show up to the coronation you will be assessed a $100.00 fine.  In addition, if you fail to sign in at the entry door at coronation, we will have to assume you failed to show up and will be assessed the fine.  It is your duty to find an officer and sign in should you arrive after the doors have closed.

Again, only those members who have returned this card, confirming their attendance, will be admitted into the Coronation.  Please keep in mind that substitutions will not be permitted.  That is, should you not be able to attend and not cancel your reservation by November 24,2017, you may not send another couple in your place.

We hope you understand our reasoning behind this “fine”.  It is to prevent the Krewe from paying for empty seats that we have guaranteed payment to the Hilton, when we could have filled them with paying guests.

Please let your float lieutenant know who you want to be seated with.

Guest tickets are available for $125.00 per individual. You can now submit payment online or simply send a check and a piece of paper containing the name, address of your guest/s, and your float lieutenant’s name to the post office box. Upon receipt of this information, your guest will be added to the reservations and we will forward them information pertaining to the ball.

Sorry! We are at capacity. No longer accepting additional guests.

Also, don’t forget our annual Friday Night Pre-Coronation costume party.  This year we will be at Manning’s in Fulton Square on December 8, 20167 from 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. The costume theme is “ABC” ( Anything but Clothes).




FLOOR-LENGTH: The hem on this gown just barely touches the floor ON ALL SIDES.

MILITARY DRESS: Your formal dress attire issued by your department of the armed services.



Ankle-length: The ankle-length gown is hemmed right at the ankles.


  1. A dressing having the leg area made of transparent fabric or having a pattern of small holes.
  2. A dress having on opaque knee length or mini-skirt length skirt with continuing transparent fabric to the floor.
  3. A dress having an over-sized “slit” creating an “arched opening” in front of the dress.

Hi-Lo: The Hi-Lo features an Intermission hem on the front, and a floor length (or longer) hem in the back.

Ballerina: The Ballerina features a full skirt (think tutu) that reaches just above the ankles.

Intermission: This hem falls anywhere between the knee and the ankle.

Knee-length: This style of skirt ends just below the knee.

Miniskirt: A skirt that ends well above the knee.

Tea-length: A gown hemmed to the end at the shin.




FORMAL TUXEDO: Must have a tie. Any color is allowed.

MILITARY DRESS: Your formal dress attire issued by your department of the armed services.



Business Suits.