Float Lieutenants

Listed in no particular order:  Jennifer Abney/Rose Ann Burford, Maritza Authement/Jolene Loyacano, Margaret Diaz/Leslie Burkhardt, Lisa Garrett/Natalie Hollingsworth, Terry Gennusa/Stephanie Robertson, Lynn Gordon/Colleen Beyer, Christine Mahar/Deanna Miller, Keisha Majoue/Kendall Guste, Sheila Matherne/Kathleen Scherer, Debbie Molaison/Amanda Molaison, Nicole Salvaggio/ Michele Toups, Rhonda Tedesco/Charlotte Morgas

Float Lieutenants Rules & Regulations

There will be two lieutenants for each float, these two people will be of equal stature and work together to insure the rules and regulations of the Krewe of Selene are followed and enforced.

In order to be considered a Float Lieutenant you must have a minimum of 18 paid members by the 2nd installment of dues (June 1st). In order to secure your own individual float you must have a minimum of 25 paid members (all dues to be paid in full no later than July 9th of the current year.)

If you do not have the 25 paid membership minimum by July 9th; the Krewe will have the right to combine floats. At that point, if any floats are combined, only one float lieutenant from each combined group will be considered the Lieutenant for that combined float.

Responsibilities and Duties of Float Lieutenants are as follows:

  • Be a Good Will Ambassador for the Krewe of Selene
  • Recruit new members;
  • Keeping riders apprised of their dues payment status;
  • Communicate with all members in your group, via email, text or written documentation;
  • Copy all Officers of the Krewe of Selene on all written or emailed correspondence;
  • Contribute to promoting ticket sales for all Selene events and fundraisers even if you are unable to attend said event;
  • Picking up costumes and distributing to members in a timely manner;
  • Seating arrangements for the Coronation Ball;
  • Head pieces for float members for parade day;
  • Assign float positions for your float and turn into Officers in timely manner;
  • Keep area around float cleaned on parade day;
  • Must arrive on your float parade day thirty minutes before your members and report; any problems to your assigned
  • Officer;
  • If someone on your float has inappropriate throws you must have them removed before the parade; and,
  • If someone on your float is smoking or acting offensively, you must correct the problem, report it to the Officers after the parade and appropriate action will be taken.

PDF DOWNLOAD: Float Lt Rules and Regulations 2018-2019